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The International Health center is a personal healthcare facility with a 24 hours emergency department and it offers treatment in a large range of medical branches like internal medication, gynecology, pediatrics, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and nuclear medicine. The healthcare facility address is Cad. 82, YeÅYilköy medical centre in Corrimal. The medical facility has a reasonable variety of English speaking medical professionals and a few of them even have post graduate experience from America.

Anadolu Medical Centre at Istanbul is a multidisciplinary and modern-day health center. The healthcare facility is ISO 9001-2000 certified and has a JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. The personnel at the medical facility is multi lingual and is trained by the John Hopkins professors with whom the hospital has a tactical collaboration. There are 8 operating spaces and an Intensive Care Unit at the healthcare facility. The medical facility provides diagnosis and treatment prepare for cancer patients, medical programs on back pain, diabetes, and breast health. A devoted department is offered to look after international patients. It is located at the far eastern side of Istanbul in Gebze.

The Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Medical facility at Istanbul is another hospital in the city that is geared up with the latest innovation and is likewise ISO 9001 licensed. The healthcare facility provides therapeutic and diagnostic services in addition to the treatment in the fields of gynecology, neurosurgery, medical and radiation oncology, urology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, cosmetic surgery and nuclear medicine. The emergency services, lab and radiology services are readily available round the clock. The physicians at the healthcare facility speak English and have postgraduate experience in either Europe or America.

Acibadem Medical facility holds the difference of being the very first medical facility in Turkey to attain world class quality medical care. It is a multidisciplinary personal health center which provides high quality services that are at par with international standards. The healthcare facility is most well known for its treatment in areas of organ transplant, IVF, genes cardiology and cardiovascular surgical treatment. The emergency situation services at the medical facility are offered round the clock. There are 11 operating rooms in the hospital and it likewise has a state-of-art diagnostic centre which has centers for ultrasound, angiography and mammography.

Yeditepe University Health center is among the few health centers in Istanbul that supply trusted medical service around the clock. The hospital is dedicated to providing high quality services and is equipped with the most recent technology. The health center has an accreditation from JCI and has 8 operating rooms consisting of ICUs dedicated to cardiology, neo-natal care and general surgical treatment. Local and global patients are drawn to the medical facility because of the services supplied by their well experienced personnel and the advanced technology used by them.

The very first health center in Turkey that was awarded the ISO (quality management system) 9001 in 2000 was the Dogan Hospital. The healthcare facility is independently owned, has state-of-art innovation and offers treatment in a vast array of medical branches. The units at the hospital include a Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Surgical treatment Department, Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Departments, Sleep Disorders and Neurophysiology Unit. They offer treatment in the areas of internal medication, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, psychiatry, basic surgery. The medical facility is equipped with 5 surgical treatment spaces, 24 Hr ambulance and emergency services, an advanced lab, 4D ultrasound devices and a dialysis centre which is expected to be the best in the area.

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